20 April 2008

I wanna see you work out

So far this weekend, I've accomplished many things: I found some cute shoes, discovered that my Brain Age is approximately 62 (!) and did a crazy workout video. In two hours, I'm going to be running a 5k and probably losing spectacularly to my mom (she's awesome). I'm going to be set for cardio workouts this weekend, not to mention shaping up my prefrontal cortex. Next on the list? Homework...maybe.

Also, people should think about watching this video. It doesn't have the best title in the world, but it's a pretty shocking documentary and can provoke really good discussion. For more documentaries like it, visit Big Noise Films.

The fact that we move into our apartment in ~two weeks is kind of thrilling. People should come visit us. In related news, the diabetes commercial man is disturbing.

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