24 April 2008

It's called the LeaveMeAloneBox.

And it is awesome.




23 April 2008

Good...well, not exactly Samaritans

I think it's exciting when you get to do something nice for somebody you don't know at all. This isn't to say that we go around being huge jerks, but you get what I mean. Anyway, tonight we went to Meijer to buy sheet protectors and erasable pens so I can make a project and so Jack can park for free. We looked at some chairs, found the last 50-pack of sheet protectors, and left. About twenty feet past the sidewalk, I kicked at something that looked like a keyless entry remote.

Jack, of course, picked it up, and it was a keyless entry remote! He immediately noticed that it looked like Oen's, which isn't saying much since Ford probably made a bazillion keyless entry remotes that look exactly the same. "Push the button and see if it goes off," I said. "I'm going to push it," said Jack. "Okay," I said. So he pushed the panic button, and a car alarm went off. "No way!" said Jack. He pushed the button that made the car alarm stop. It stopped. He pushed the lock button. It beeped. "No way," he said again. "Yes way," I said, and we went up to the car.

We debated for a minute about the best place to leave the remote, put it on the driver's side mirror, and went back to the car. Except, on the way back, I started thinking about all the thieves that are probably lurking around the parking lot at Meijer and how some suspicious people had probably watched us leave the remote on the mirror and how I would have an absolute heart attack if my remote was left on my mirror, and long story short, we took it into Meijer and gave it to the customer service desk. They got to page the owner of the car, who probably thought his or her car was the victim of a hit-and-run incident. Good deed of the day, accomplished.

20 April 2008

I wanna see you work out

So far this weekend, I've accomplished many things: I found some cute shoes, discovered that my Brain Age is approximately 62 (!) and did a crazy workout video. In two hours, I'm going to be running a 5k and probably losing spectacularly to my mom (she's awesome). I'm going to be set for cardio workouts this weekend, not to mention shaping up my prefrontal cortex. Next on the list? Homework...maybe.

Also, people should think about watching this video. It doesn't have the best title in the world, but it's a pretty shocking documentary and can provoke really good discussion. For more documentaries like it, visit Big Noise Films.

The fact that we move into our apartment in ~two weeks is kind of thrilling. People should come visit us. In related news, the diabetes commercial man is disturbing.

18 April 2008

Medicare can help.

17 April 2008

Long Roads

Scheduling courses has become quite difficult now that I'm employed full-time. This has culminated in the realization that I'm now going to be graduating college with a bachelor's degree at the same time my little sister will, which is odd. At least my parents will only have to pay for one hotel room for graduation.

Oh, and if you want to see how cute our apartment really is:

We have the two bedrooms that aren't near the outside door. It really is quite cute. And the best part?

I have a kitchen.

16 April 2008

Pavement Rich In Gold

I think the funniest thing in life is when, for some reason, you just get things you want. I'm always really surprised when I suddenly get a job. And an internship. And...other things. :D It cracks me up, I can't help it. I mean, who's running this show? And when did I get "qualified" for stuff? I don't honestly know.

Some things I do know:

Menna's Joint is a top-notch eating establishment.

Low Strung is some of the best music ever.

Summer is going to rock. Between living in a cute little apartment and working here, what could go wrong? The visitor front is looking very promising. And there's also the very important benefits of not working in food service/the tourist industry. I don't have to wake up at 5:15 am this summer! I don't have to wear short shorts to collect tips! For the first time in years, I might actually be able to experience the Venetian festival as seen from outside of a store.

Yeah, I'm pretty thrilled.

14 April 2008

First post!