30 July 2008

It's so true-to-life


07 July 2008

5 Day Weekend

I've had an epic weekend.

It started on Wednesday, when I left East Lansing at 8:30 in the morning. My mom was surprised to see me arrive at the house just before noon. I don't think she expected me to leave E.L until at least ten. Also, when Jack comes with me, we usually leave between 2 and 3 hours late. SURPRISE! Home early. My mom took advantage of the hours I'd gained by making me go running. The experience didn't bode well for the 10k I was to run on Friday.

Thursday: In the middle of my Wednesday dentist appointment, I decided to cut my hair. It took a giant leap of faith, because my usual stylist of almost 15 years was booked. Thankfully, Susan did a wonderful job, and now I have hair that is short and layerless. It looked awesome for the dinner we had at my mom's parent's house.

Friday: RACE DAY! A good piece of advice is this: train for every race you run, whether it's a 1 mile or 10k. I almost never follow this advice, and about halfway up the huge mountain at mile 4 I realized that I need to start running regularly or else. On the other hand, it's actually kind of fun to finish dead last in a road race. You get the most cheers out of anyone, and the ambulance follows you until you're either dead or done. Sweeeet.

Also, going to a bar with your nearly-80-year-old grandparents can be funnier than expected.

Saturday: FAMILY. REUNION. Long story short: my sister and I were a last-minute entry into the annual Skip-Bo Tournament. Competition is always fierce at this event, and it doesn't matter if you're family or not--harsh comments and discouraging remarks are rampant. Somehow, we ended up sweeping the tournament, beating my aunt and great-aunt in a stunning show of brilliance and teamwork. Now we will have our names immortalized on the adult's Skip-Bo plaque. We're basically required to show up next year to defend our title. It's serious now.

Sunday: MORE FAMILY REUNION. I got up at 6:30 to go back up to the lake with my parents (I was bribed with the promise of French Toast). After some fireside chatting (HA) about my aunt's thesis paper (I edited it over Saturday night) and other assorted topics (and French Toast) we headed home. And after a two hour nap and lunch at the Villager, I was forced to drive back to East Lansing.

In conclusion, I wish I could bring my bed from home to our apartment in East Lansing, and I'm going running tomorrow come hell or high water. The End.