29 June 2008


Wall-E was excellent--another win for Disney Pixar. They've got some mad skillz. I mean, who else could make robots (well, aside from Doctor Who's K9) so endearing? But after being introduced to my new favorite Pixar character, there were some mildly disturbing elements in the film--particularly the Earth covered in years of trash build-up and a spaceship full of people so obese and so lacking in bones that they can no longer walk. 700 years in space is apparently not kind to humans.

In other news, we went to Ann Arbor on Friday. It was the first time I've been there since high school, and the city doesn't really make a great first impression. (This could or could not be due to the fact that I was raised to detest maize and blue). Fortunately, the experience was much better this time around. Yay for new/old stories.

Only two days of work until the 4th of July. This is both exciting and creepy--how is it July already?

26 June 2008

Hurrah for SCOTUS!

The Supreme Court overturned the DC gun ban at 10-ish this morning.

Oh, and they also confirmed that the 2nd Amendment refers to an individual right of gun ownership.

I'm a little bit excited.

17 June 2008

Our endless numbered days

It’s almost ridiculous how quickly summer is going by. Exactly two weeks and one day from now our final rent check is due—how did that happen? Two months from last Wednesday, we move again.

Highlights so far:

And of course, there's working at the Press. One of the biggest benefits of working in an office full of women is that there's never a shortage of new stories to be told. Not to mention the sheer drama that gets infused with everyday office tasks...amazing.

Back to lunch break...